Life. It's on.

Before there was health and wellness, fitness and nutrition, there was Life. is the world's first web-based platform specifically designed to help people make better decisions every moment, to take care of themselves more, to engage more, to simply live more. Delivered through insurers or employers, it's always on, sharing inspired ideas on how to live better today and every day after. With expertise in epidemiology and behavioral science and an Advisory Board that includes leading faculty in the area of diagnostics and behavioral economics, our team utilizes an evidence-based approach that is flexible, accessible, rewarding and entirely HIPAA compliant.

Life is now.

Life is now. never stops giving feedback, encouragement or tips on how to make the most of each moment. It may be dietary advice, a celebration for improving a health measure or simply a plea to treat oneself, like right now. We build relationships with users for life, capturing insights on health and other lifestyle behaviors that help our clients connect their customers to the products and services that best suit their needs.

Life is everywhere.

Life is everywhere. is available to you anywhere there is online access. And it allows users to bring in friends or family members to keep each other accountable, no matter where they are. The LifeStyle Score brings together biometric, lifestyle and behavioral parameters to provide real-time, actionable feedback on a user's daily habits. It creates a community dedicated to helping everyone adopt healthier habits, along with incentives to make the journey more fun all along the way.

Experience life.

Experience Life.

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