The cure to the common insurance customer journey. is committed to helping insurers make the world a healthier, happier place – one person and one lifestyle choice at a time. We help insurers transform the customer experience.

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Product is a technology platform that helps insurers become customer-centric by providing a vehicle to engage customers throughout the customer journey – from product ideation, development and commercialization, through marketing, sales and in-force management. Our technology equips you with insights to understand policyholder behaviors and to be present at each of their life events as a trusted partner. This, in turn, leads to higher policyholder satisfaction and brand loyalty, captures consumer insights, mitigates policy risk, and simplifies the underwriting process driving renewals and up/cross sales opportunities, maximizing overall consumer lifetime value. Dashboard

For Policyholders engages policyholders through personalized content, intuitive tracking tools, and health insights, and rewards those policyholders for living a healthier lifestyle. Becoming an integral part of a user’s life, our platform drives progressive changes in physical, mental, and financial well-being. We simplify this engagement process by incorporating popular wearables and health applications, including Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Under Armour Record, Jawbone, and Garmin. on Mobile

For Distribution Channels can be configured for direct business or to connect agents and brokers to their customers when it matters most—think life events such as getting married, having children, or buying a house—making each touch point timely and more impactful. Our platform equips agents with an unprecedented level of personalization and connectedness, helping them establish a deeper relationship with their policyholders. Dashboard for Insurers

For Insurers is adaptable and can be white-labeled to fit the unique needs of each carrier. Offering an intuitive and incentive-rich environment for policyholders, while producing a wealth of data, helps insurers become experts on their client base and those clients’ needs. In addition, the platform syncs with a variety of wearables and health applications to simplify the user experience. With greater insight into policyholders and their lifestyles, carriers can offer superior customer service and products while encouraging healthier policyholder behaviors. The benefits range from reduced costs to improved customer loyalty and health.


Built on a foundation of science, applies advances in behavioral economics, psychology, predictive analytics, and personalized content to drive high levels of sustained policyholder engagement and behavior modification.

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Monitor life events in real time and capture a complete 360-degree view of your policyholders. Become fully integrated with latest wearables and health applications to augment data collection.


Dynamic Risk Management

Transform mortality models with real-time health, financial, and behavioral data. monitors changes in policyholders’ risk, promotes better health and motivates users through an accurate “Life Score” with proprietary algorithm based on robust public health models.


Product Innovation

Create tailored policies based on user insights, achievements, and feedback. Provide straight-through processing. Implement real-time adjustment to variable rate products. Adaptive quoting process.



Transform your understanding and segmentation of policyholders through real-time consumer insights, data analytics, and product recommendations. Support ongoing dialogue with policyholders through in-app and SMS messaging.



Built-in, real-time, best-fit product recommendations, and simple, direct e-application. Link to agents’ CRM systems for direct transfer of information regarding new or renewal policies and life events.


Policyholder Experience

Provide continuous, personalized, and relevant communications. increases Net Promoter Score leading to more brand champions. Dispense personalized recommendations and content based on physical, mental, and financial health changes.

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