Break the Barrier to Customer Engagement

A state of the art digital platform to educate, engage and reward policy holders at every stage of the customer journey. Avatar Demo
  • Reduce Friction

    Seamlessly integrate with a front to back digital engagement solution that makes it easy to connect, engage and close new deals with customers. Current clients are easily on-boarded, making your next touchpoint with your customer be right around the corner.

  • Convert Sales

    Choose to automate sales opportunities based on life events, or notify your agents to close a lead. With actionable, realtime insights, leads are more likely to convert, growing your business and keeping your agents happy.

  • Retain Customers

    Improve lead conversion rates, retention, and cross-sell products by delivering value for your customers with personalized content and education.

Close the Engagement Gap

To grow the market and connect meaningfully with customers requires going beyond a simple, digital customer journey. Evolve the customer experience with a platform that educates, supports and rewards users at every stage of their life journey.

Whether you're at the beginning of your digital transformation or you already have a modern fully digital technology stack, is purpose-built to take your engagement to the next level. With a modular, platform-agnostic technical architecture, can overlay your existing technology or serve as your end-to-end digital front-office in a single, unified platform.

Built by Experts

World-class team located in Princeton, NJ with deep expertise in engagement, behavioral economics, gamification, psychology, data science and technology. The Advisory Board is comprised of world renowned experts in their respective fields from leading academic and financial institutions.

Operating at scale

Partnering with leading insurance companies, including several top 10 carriers, at scale across retail, direct and group clients in North America and across several international markets.


Each of your customers are unique, so that’s how they are treated. Each journey is crafted around the most important events going on in your customer's lives - be it health, financial or lifestyle.

Proven Results digital engagement platform proven at scale by leading insurance companies to increase sales conversion rates, customer satisfaction, retention and cross-sales.

Try for your Customers

Whether your aim is to modernize your entire customer experience 
or maximize your sales growth, we’ve got your back.

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