Acquire, Retain and
Grow Customers

A loyalty program that helps your customers improve their lives. Avatar Demo
  • Attract

    Stand apart from the crowd. Cultivate leads and acquire new customers through a differentiated offering that rewards your customers for making progress towards their goals.

  • Learn

    Unlock insights to unlock value. Open a window into your customers’ lives to understand their needs, preferences, behaviors and risks.

  • Grow

    Better relationships means better business. Engage, understand and segment your existing customers for profitable retention and growth through up- and cross-sales.

Benefits is a digital engagement and loyalty platform. Through a beautiful, fun and personalized user experience, we help you become a partner to your customers, supporting each of them as they navigate important life events and work to achieve their goals.


From transactions to relations. Transform your relationship with customers by engaging with them meaningfully, every day.

Science partnered with world-renowned experts in behavioral economics, gaming, positive psychology, finance and health to create a beautiful experience.


You’re unique, so that’s how you’re treated. Each user’s journey is crafted around the most important events going on in their lives - be it health, financial or lifestyle.

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