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How It All Began

After working across the insurance industry for years, Jon came to a sad conclusion. The industry had lost touch with its customers. They had become widgets! While technology and process had optimized operations, it had also abstracted the human at the other end of the policy. As a result, consumers had grown weary of the industry and untrusting of the value of insurance. They spoke with their wallets, leading to decade after decade of market decline.

When Jon and Mike joined forces in 2012 to form, they asked themselves – how is it that consumers have a deeper and more trusting relationship with their local coffee chain or an online search engine, than with a company that has provided protection and peace of mind to millions of people for hundreds of years?

The vision for was to help carriers rebuild their relationship with customers, reaffirm the importance of insurance, and redefine the insurance customer relationship for the digital era.

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