Data without insights is simply another problem to solve. That’s why we built our insurance data analytics solution to take your data to the next level. Life.ioInsights™ captures the breadth and depth of user data and translates it into actionable insights for your marketing, advertising, sales and retention teams.

Life.ioInsights uncovers key analytics on prospects and customers and:

  • Delivers insights on life events, demographics, interactions and leads
  • Interprets data to give you actionable next steps
  • Provides real time data reporting, visualization and analysis on carrier and advisor dashboards
  • Manages, secures and stores data plus delivers raw data files securely

Attract new customers and strengthen existing customer relationships.
  • NPS
  • Cross & Up-Sell
  • Conversion
  • Placement

Life Events

Identifies relevant milestones in prospects’ and customers’ lives: 

  • Marriage
  • Job change
  • Home purchase
  • Starting/growing a family
  • Planning for retirement


Segments key demographics:    

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Financial security
  • Fitness level
  • Health concerns


Analyzes data from wearables, classesand quizzes to identify:

  • Reach 
  • Number of sessions
  • Registration
  • Session times
  • Interactions
  • User goals and needs
  • Return usage


Identifies and classifies prospects and existing customers as:  

  • Marketing Ready: likely to be in need of financial products or services
  • Contact Ready: explicitly stated interest in being contacted and/or in need of a product or service.

Life.ioInsights unlocks the full potential of the solution suite

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