Behind the Platform Engage™ is a state-of-the-art digital customer engagement solution that creates meaningful and relevant ongoing interactions with customers to nurture, educate, engage and reward them at each stage of the customer relationship. Proven to improve NPS, customer retention, close rates and cross-sales, the Engage™ platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing technology to augment your digital customer experience, or function as your standalone end-to-end digital customer experience. Avatar

State of the Art Design

Engaged customers are better customers. Validated in studies conducted by Bain & Co., engaged customers have a 26% higher net promoter score (NPS), are 4.2x as likely to recommend your brand, purchase 9% more products, have a 31% higher retention rate, and have a 6.8x higher customer lifetime value than disengaged customers.* Demo
  • Driven by Experts

    Our game-like digital experience applies cutting-edge techniques from the fields of behavioral economics, gamification, and behavioral psychology. Our expert team and world-class advisory network allows to stay on the cutting edge of scientific research and discovery.

  • Modular Architecture

    The Life.ioEngage™ platform is a modular solution that integrates with your existing technology stack to augment your digital experience. In addition to our flagship digital engagement platform, offers state-of-the-art integrated digital new business module with quote, apply and policy issuance capabilities, and a digital policy management module with customer self-service capabilities.

  • Scalable and Secure

    Modern and scalable cloud-based technology architecture designed with best-in-class, standards-based security practices. Data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption and bank level security.

How it Works

Onboard Customers

Invite customers to learn and share about their lifestyle through dynamic content, fun programs and applicable quizzes with a nurturing campaign built for your audience. From onboarding to retention, your customers continue to add information that further customizes the experience for them, and provides actionable data for you.

Reward Engagement is designed around the latest advances in behavioral economics. Each component provides a fun and gamified experience that rewards customers with unique prizes just for being active on the platform.

Unlock Insights

Each visit to the app collects about 4 data points per user. Multiply that by the average amount of time a user visits in a month, and your team is looking at collecting around 200 data points a year! Our privacy policy ensures that data entry is volunteered, allowing you to use that information to segment and distribute according to your sales objectives.

Become the Brand of Choice

Improve brand recognition across audiences with a white-labeled experience that links lifestyle to rewards - all through your branding.

Try for your Customers

Whether your aim is to modernize your entire customer experience 
or you just want to run a controlled test, we’ve got your back.

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