Our mission

Every day we work to create the most person-centered and data-rich SaaS customer experience 
platform to help financial service firms grow and maximize lifetime customer value. 

Retaining customers

Converting leads

Surfacing and nurturing prospects

Growing wallet share

We approach each client with energy, agility, creativity, responsiveness, and an acute focus on
execution. Our spirit and commitment to the unique needs of each individual client are strengthened
by our stature as an established and successful business, bolstered by: 

Nearly a decade-long track record of success

Over 500,000 users

Deployed to over 2,000 employers

Experience with carriers across 12 countries and rapidly growing


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How We Got Started

Life.io was formed in 2012 with one overwhelming question: “Why do consumers have deeper relationships with their local coffee chain or online search engine than with their life insurer?” 

Our vision: help carriers reaffirm the importance of insurance and redefine the insurance customer relationship for the digital era.

To make that vision a reality, we thoughtfully built a team of experts from both within and outside of the insurance industry. Together the team created a robust platform that drives results across the full customer digital experience.

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