Be Where Your Clients Need You Most


Be Where Your Clients Need You Most

February 26, 2018

Have you looked at your customer engagement strategy lately? If you are a life insurance broker and have not reevaluated your engagement strategy in recent times, you are not alone. If you want to separate yourself from the masses and set yourself up for success in the new world of insurance, then your customer engagement strategy needs a face lift. With client demographics changing and purchasing behaviors transforming, brokers must adapt in order to sustain their demand and create new opportunities to be discovered.


Customer engagement has become common vernacular within the insurance industry, and even more so in life insurance. It is a pressing issue, especially for brokers who are experiencing a shift in the use of technology. As we continue to see a rise in social media and other digital channels, consumers of all ages are becoming more accessible online. To some, this can be perceived as a threat to the insurance broker. But the enhanced access and convenience that digital channels provide should be seen as an opportunity for insurance brokers to increase engagement efficiently and boost sales. Consumers want and expect to obtain insurance information wherever, whenever and however they choose – so whether it is writing a blog, posting about a product, or advising potential customers via online channels – digital outreach is a critical component to a broker’s customer engagement strategy.

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Be Where Your Clients Need You Most


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