Solutions Overview

ARTICLE Solutions Overview

April 22, 2020

Change Stale Transactions into Meaningful Customer Interactions

Accelerate your end-to-end digital solution to create effective online interactions driven by the science of customer engagement.’s state-of-the-art digital suite engages your customers both initially and over time to:

  • Improve impression, conversion, placement and persistency rates
  • Create meaningful ongoing client touchpoints producing a more satisfied customer base and better NPS scores
  • Increase wallet share through a digital self-service portal Solutions Overview


Case Study: Life & Annuity Carrier

With Life.ioEngage, the carrier can now leverage a turnkey platform to create meaningful ongoing interactions with current policyowners and significantly boost brand loyalty and recognition. These interactions moved the needle on the carriers’ most important business...

ARTICLE Solutions Overview can help accelerate the development of your end-to-end digital solution to create effective online transactions driven by the science of customer engagement.

Survey: Life Insurance as a Partnership

The convergence of technology capabilities and demographic trends makes it the right time to develop new business models that appeal to all consumers, not just the underserved.

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