The Economics of Customer Engagement (Persistency, Cross-sell, Conversion, Placement)


The Economics of Customer Engagement (Persistency, Cross-sell, Conversion, Placement)

May 26, 2020

Podcast: The Economics of Customer Engagement (Persistency, Cross-sell, Conversion, Placement). Let’s talk about key metrics: persistency, cross-sell, conversion & placement rates.

Featuring: Mark Hug, Managing Director of Paradigm Partners International.

Mark Hug

About Mark Hug:

Mark Hug is a recognized business leader who has shaped the life insurance industry over the last four decades. He is best known for his candid and bold thought leadership across a broad spectrum of specialties within the financial services industry.  Throughout his distinguished career he held senior leadership positions in global fortune companies including Transamerica, Aetna, AXA, and Prudential.

In 2017, Mark started his own consulting firm, Hug Consulting and works closely with several firms as a senior advisor. His expertise in actuarial science, product development, life distribution, multicultural marketing, advanced sales, and digital marketing allows him to add value to insurtech, life carriers, and a variety of distributors. To read his full bio click here.

The Economics of Customer Engagement (Persistency, Cross-sell, Conversion, Placement)

About the Host

Jon Cooper

Jon is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation. With over 15 years experience in the insurance industry, Cooper has held leadership roles spanning across technology, consulting and corporate development. Cooper holds a bachelor's degrees from The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Wharton School, where he is a frequent lecturer, and was the recipient of three entrepreneurship awards.

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