Mike Logsdon

Mike is COO of Life.io and responsible for overseeing client delivery, user support, and ongoing client success. Mike works closely with the Life.io leadership team in setting company strategy and product direction.

Mike has extensive experience scaling high-growth companies. Prior to founding Life.io, Mike worked for the Texas Pacific Group as part of TPG Biotech where he was responsible for helping it scale a key portfolio company. During his time with Elevance, he helped scale the team from 30 to 200 associates and helped the company prepare and file for IPO.

Having lost his mother to brain cancer at a young age, Mike focused the early part of his career on advocacy work for the brain cancer community. While working for the National Brain Tumor Society, Mike raised over $1 million for research through a series of endurance sports fundraising campaigns. This included a 16,000-mile bicycle ride from Alaska to Argentina and subsequently climbing the tallest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus (5,642m).

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mike Logsdon
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