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Give employees the
wellness they deserve

WorkLife is a wholistic wellness program designed to help your
employees navigate life’s everyday challenges and improve
their physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Health, finance and emotional well-being classes personalized to each employee

WorkLife offers employees a wide selection of classes, quizzes, and quick reads centered around their financial, physical, and emotional well-being. The content is designed using the principles of behavioral economics, gamification, and cognitive behavioral therapy so that your employees are motivated to both learn and to make small, incremental changes in their lives. WorkLife focuses on the most achievable, sustainable, and impactful habits we can form. 

How we help and engage employees toward improvement


What’s a character? It’s a visual representation of your employees. As they read articles, takes quizzes, master new skills, and earn points, their character evolves as they progress through the platform. 


Using game theory, makes WorkLife engaging and fun for users. Through simple and fast interactions, employees are encouraged to complete classes or connect a fitness tracker all while earning rewards. 


We partner with an exclusive network of premium brands that we trust and truly believe in. Companies that help your team members achieve a better life with honest, affordable, and high-quality solutions. Employees can select from over 200 gift card reward options. 

Quick and easy to setup and manage

We have experience delivering digital workplace wellness solutions to thousands of companies, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. We got fed up with the status quo as we watched our competitors create complexity, drive up costs and, at the end of the day, not deliver on their promise to improve employee well-being. 

Customize by adding additional features

Interested in implementing your brand? Or maybe you want to create a custom class or challenge for your employees. The possibilities are endless with the WorkLife platform. 

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Is Worklife different from other employee wellness offerings?

Yes, in quite a few ways! First, our Worklife wellness offering is 100% Free. We partner with an exclusive network of brands that help your employees achieve a better life. Second, all of the “classes” deliver content from highly credible sources. All of this information is condensed into a series of short, actionable, and visually-enhanced articles. Corresponding quizzes and assignments are designed to be highly engaging and to help your employees make incremental changes in their lives to improve in the areas of finance, health and mindset. Finally, Worklife’s gamified platform leverages behavioral economics and game theory to encourage your employees to register and stay engaged. 

What kind of classes do you offer?

Our library of content covers three areas of wellness: financial, health and fitness, and emotional wellbeing. For example, one of our most popular classes entitled “Happiness Challenge: Five Days of Gratitude,” was written based on a semester-long course at Yale. Our extensive library of classes helps your employees better manage unplanned expenses, fitting in exercise, and balancing work and family. We are adding classes all the time.

How do I engage employees in a wellness program?

Leave that to us! As engagement experts, we do the heavy lifting for you. Using a marketing automation platform, combined with analytics and rigorous testing, we invite, register and encourage your employees to use  Worklife through personalized behavior-based emails. We even have emails to help you initially promote Worklife to your employees.

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